Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

nursing-home-abuse-and-neglectThe United States faces an aging population; every day, more and more of our valued elders try to find safe shelter in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and related communities.

Unfortunately, with the growing number of elderly living in such institutions, state and federal governmental oversight is not always sufficient to ensure the safety of everyone. Many nursing homes are underfunded and understaffed. As a result, a disturbing number of residents are abused or neglected, resulting in both physical and emotional injuries. Elder abuse is any act or failure to act, negligently, willingly, knowingly, or recklessly through words or physical action which causes or could cause mental or physical injury or death to a nursing home resident. This includes verbal, sexual, mental/psychological, or physical abuse. Elderly persons are at an increased risk of serious injuries, even from simple accidents such as falling out of bed. Moreover, because elderly persons are often less active and more sedentary, they are at an enhanced risk of suffering from bed sores, ulcers, and other debilitating- and preventable- injuries.

It is an unpleasant fact that nursing homes do not always provide the care that they should. When a care deficiency resulting in injury or death occurs, Mickey Wilson works with families in a concerted effort to help remedy the situation. We review cases with physicians, nurses, wound care specialists, surgeons, and other professionals as may be necessary to truly evaluate whether a nursing home has deviated from the proper standard of care. When accidents happen involving your elderly loved ones, you need experienced litigators to discuss your case with, and to pursue any remedies that you may have available. We have litigated and settled many cases involving a variety of injuries, and have obtained judgments and settlements of over a million dollars.

Mickey Wilson's expertise in Elder Law, and its frequent and thorough interaction with elderly clients, led to a natural interest in assisting clients after placement in a nursing home or similar facility. Our Attorneys are familiar with the rules and regulations governing the operation of such facilities, not only from litigation, but through professional presentations to other attorneys and published works on the topic.

While all litigation can be time sensitive, nursing home litigation requires one of the quickest response times of all. An inexperienced attorney has little time to come up to speed on the standards nursing homes are held to; clients require a firm already possessing that knowledge, such as Mickey Wilson. Fortunately, we are equipped to handle your needs in a caring and sensitive fashion, while pursuing those who neglect our loved ones with the greatest of diligence. For a free consultation on your individual experiences, please contact us today.