Insurance Defense

The best attorneys are those who can see both sides of a situation; Mickey Wilson can do just that. Our extensive experience in Personal Injury lawsuits gives us the perspective necessary to properly represent companies in Insurance Defense. Our familiarity with the laws relating to the obligations and duties of an insurer, coupled with our corporate law and personal injury practice make Mickey Wilson uniquely equipped to manage the interests of an insurance company and its insured as a defense firm.

The Attorneys of Mickey Wilson bring decades of experience as special and local counsel for a variety of prominent insurance companies, and are prepared to handle the intricacies of uninsured and underinsured motorist claims, excess coverage claims and Olympia Fields situations, among the other concerns that insurers face.

Our work with Local Government, Municipal and School Law gives us great familiarity with the theory and practice relating to tort immunity. Our insurance work experience means that we are prepared to represent your interests at all stages of the case, from managing discovery and deposition costs, to negotiating in good faith on behalf of the insurer and insured, to litigating and appealing cases as may be necessary.

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