Farm Animals at School?

Article Date: April, 2011

Farm Animals at School? - from School Law Practice, Vol. 5, Number 2.

By DEAN M. FRIEDERS, Partner, Mickey, Wilson, Weiler, Renzi & Andersson, P.C.

It is a Friday afternoon, nearly 4:00pm, and you are thinking about the upcoming weekend when a high school principal from one of the school districts you represent calls to talk with you about a new project. The school has a very active 4-H program and it is looking to expand the program with greater class involvement during the school day. Embarking on such a project, however, requires that the animals be housed on-campus, to provide immediate, daily access. The school district is considering retaining a company to build a pole-building on-site, and hopes to have animals moving in within a few weeks. The animals would be owned by the students, and would run the full gamut of 4-H animals, from bunnies to bulls. Everyone is sure that the project will be both simple and successful, and before they sign the contract for the new building, the principal just wanted to confirm that there are no legal issues to consider. the full article here (pdf format).


Mickey Wilson would like to thank COSA for granting us permission to republish this article.